Extrasan & Hygiene Plus

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser operating with natural flow.

EXTRASAN is the most modern toilet seat sanitizer in Greece. With modern design, discrete size (25,5 x 15,5 cm) with extra capacity of 825 ml, EXTRASAN was designed to upgrade the sanitary facilities and ensure safe disinfection for 28 days/month.

Available in 4 colours Chrome, satin, white, black

HYGIENE PLUS - Sanitizing fluid 825ml

HYGIENE PLUS - Concentrated Sanitizing fluid 825ml

EXTRASAN dispenser operates exclusively with the specialized sanitizing fluid Hygiene Plus which is the only one in Greece that:

  • Is approved by the National Organisation for Medicines (no. of approval: 88104/14-11-2016)
  • Is registered in the General Chemical State Laboratory
  • Is certified by the Hellenic Pasteur Institute
  • Is available in rich fragrances that vanish odors:
  • Cherry, Berries, Citrus, Mimosa, Lemon, Spring, Bubble gum
  • Decreases and limits the formation of stains and prevents the formation of limescale.
  • Has strong anti-bacterial and antifungal action
  • Bio-degrades instantly
  • Does not affect the biological cleaning function

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